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How Much Is My Sister Worth?

My sister Tasha Burke owed me $700.00 and had no fucking coin to pay me back so I decided film her in her first porno scene to get my coin back. As luck would have it, I found an add in the local paper looking for nasty sisters willing to fuck on camera for cash. […]

Interracial Lesbian Muff Diving

I just found this pic of Diva Duz munching Tasha Burke’s shaved cooch and I thought you might enjoy it. The coeds always loved working with Diva because she has the most incredible tongue – not  only does she know how to work it, her fucking tongue is real long and the coeds seem to […]

Hot Babes Need Lovin Too

Some girls just need to look at you and you desire to fuck them and Tasha Burke is one of the finest flirts I’ve ever known. And the fine thing about Tasha is she loves to fuck – and she’ll even let you shoot her while she rides on your jumbo  swollen pecker. Tasha Burke […]

Brother And Sister Make A Porno Film

Few things in life piss me off more than when my stupid fucking sister wrecks my shit. The slut never makes it right and the little cunt still thinks she can take my things and use them when she wants. Well, I’d had enough when my sister fucked up my video camera. I love making […]

Richard Nailder And Tasha Burke

In this set, Tasha Burke had broken her brother’s camera so he wanted a new one. Of course I was more then willing to buy the cheap bastard a new camera as long as he was cool with me fucking his hot brunette sister. The sexy blue-eyed Tasha went on to do a number of […]

Oh God I’m Cumming

Anistaija and Tasha had never fucked before so they were not sure what the other like so they had to do a little experimentation – that said, it wasn’t long before Tasha had Anistaija moaning “oh god I’m cumming” in her first wave of orgasms. Anistaija is another fairly quite cummer but she always rolls […]

More Homemade Lesbian Shoots

OK – due to popular demand, I’m posting another lesbian vid that we made at my place a small while back. Tasha had been hungering for to fuck Anistaija for a while and when Anistaija stopped by one afternoon, we decided to get-er-done. Anistaija is a bit less experienced that Tasha but she wanted to […]

Two Cunts Are Better Than One

Every guy that’s ever fucked two teens at the same time will attest that two cunts are a shitload better than one. If you’ve never fucked two teens at once you know exactly what I mean. If you haven’t, you need to get to know the right teens – and Tasha and Butterfly are two […]

More Homemade Orgy Scenes

OK – I promised I’d post a few more homemade video clips of the orgy we had in my back yard last summer so here they are. If you missed the first set, you can always see the entire homemade orgy vid in high quality on For those of you that don’t know me, […]

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